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It was at a very early age that my mother introduced me to a photography as a result of a fire which destroyed our home in 1984. We lost everything including two generations pictures and family heirloom. All the things my grandmother held onto throughout her life and all the things my mother had saved were now gone. From that point on my mothers Minolta went with us everywhere.  I began creating personal images in high school and went on to study Photography at Sam Houston State University and moved to Houston in 1999. I went to work at a photo lab (Houston Photo Imaging) and then started working as an assistant for a busy commercial photographer.  I quickly discovered that environment was not the one for me and I moved on while trying to figure out what to do next.  My answer soon found me in the form of a beautiful artist, sculptor and painter, Patrick Medrano...my life changed forever. Before meeting in 2002, I did not considered the images I created art.  They were part of my private archive, a unique moment captured so that I would not have to rely on my memory to tell my story. The thought of selling them or even showing them to the public as art was something that terrified me. Life with Patrick changed that and I began to see that documenting the world in which I live is not only a way to connect with it, but also a powerful way to create a voice for myself and others.

"The best thing about a picture

is that it never changes,

even when the people in it do.”

- Andy Warhol

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